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Startup Market @ GEW ’16


LaunchBase is the incubation platform of the Maastricht Centre for Entrepreneurship. Composed out of two specific programmes, LaunchBase covers a comprehensive approach to business creation and development. The initial step in our approach is the LaunchBase Pre-incubation Programme that supports ambitious students and alumni in making the first steps towards becoming an entrepreneur. The second stage is  the LaunchBase Incubation Programme that guides start-ups (and promising growth entrepreneurs) through the initial stages of business growth. Separating our support into two stages, each with a dedicated support programme, facilitates a broader reach and is essential in forging, selecting and supporting teams who not only have enough potential but are also determined to turn their start-up into a major enterprise.

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InspiratieHuis is a meeting place where entrepreneurs can come together and share knowledge and experience, as well as join various activities which are not always immediately dubbed as a business. Marlies and Joyce – the co-drivers – are ready to introduce you to this unique place in Maastricht where you can work and in between grab a coffee, have a conversation with fellow entrepreneurs, join a webinar or debate ideas.

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Incubator-E is a professional environment with high added value that enables the acceleration of start-ups to innovative sustainable enterprises. Incubator-E increases the success rate of start-ups and shortens the time to market their products.

Incubator-E focuses on startups that bring a fresh outlook, enthousiasm, and are clear abot their sustainable and innovative ideas. By focusing on Sustainable Innovation  and New Energy, it brings to the forefront the opportunities for new business creation in the Limburg region.

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Starters Valley, a project set up by volunteer organization Smile To The Future, aims to provide co-working spaces, events, and trainings for social entrepreneurs and volunteer organizations in Maastricht. Starters Valley provides aspiring and existing Starters with the opportunity to build a network, share ideas, and develop their organizations. This is a unique combination of an all inclusive package which allows entrepreneurs to develop their business from A to Z in an affordable and easily accessible manner. Starters Valley wishes to attract individuals who have a desire to thrive and develop themselves and their businesses but lack the ability to do so.

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Forza Fashion House Maastricht (FFH) is the place where knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurship are connected. A laboratory for fashion talent, and the epicentre for Fashion Maastricht, as of mid-2017 located on the 2nd floor of the LAB-building in the new cultural, and creative heart of Maastricht: The Radium|Sphinxkwartier. FFH brings the practice of the industry directly to fashion designers, following a new vision for design, production, retail, and education. This new platform creates a space for the close collaboration between these four important pillars of the Dutch fashion chain.

Besides providing a collective workspace, and connecting the chain, (upcoming) designers are also able to learn more about the areas that are vital to keep a fashion business working. FFH informs them of the roles available in fashion, and the skills necessary for each, and helps them understand the fashion industry. The goal of FFH is to become a knowledge centre, and creative accelerator where the collective is as important as the individual, and where rising local, national, and international talent can develop into creative entrepreneurs.

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Brightlands Innovation Factory is the entrepreneurial backbone of the Brightlands ecosystem. BIF gets inspired by daring ideas for a better and more sustainable world, and they strive to empower today’s pioneers in advanced materials, health, nutrition, and smart services on their journey from a bold idea to a legendary company. At Brightlands Innovation Factory, all the bases are covered. World-class industry knowledge and expertise are coupled with expert supported programs, value-added services and facilities, and access to funding.

Incubate. Accelerate. Validate. Scale. That’s what we do.

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